Invite Code: get credits for every friend that joins!

So you’re obsessed with relovv and want to share with friends. We get it.

Get $1 credit for every friend that joins relovv. They get 10% off every order for the first 24 hours!

What is my invite code?

Your invite code is the same as your relovv username. It is located on your profile. 

Do my credits expire?

No, as long as you are a member of relovv your credits do not expire.

How long does my friend get 10% off every order for?

Your friend gets 10% off every order for their first 24 hours! 

Where does my friend enter my code?

They enter it into “Invite Code”  when they create their account. 

How can I get a ton of credits?

* Relovv reserves the right to change this promotion at any time, without notice. We are a new company and we are testing this promotion to see how it goes. 

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