What is Relovv?

Relovv is the dating app for your closet.
Swipe on items matched to your unique size and style!
Start swiping in your Relovv Matches.

Sell fast and free.
Relovv matches your items to the right buyers using data!
Buyers discover your items in a dating-app interface – swiping left and right.

Shop 🔥SWIPE (NEW FEATURE) items matched to your unique preferences.
We match based on size, style, budget, and more.
Your matches get better and better with each swipe.
All purchases are covered by Relovv’s complimentary Buyer Protection.

Style other members and get paid.*
Click the Relovv heart to re-post other people’s items to your profile.
When they sell from your profile, you get paid a commission!
* Relovv pays for this, not sellers.

Sustainable – our mission is to #ReduceReuseRelovv!
Did you know fashion is the 2nd most wasteful industry in the world?
Each purchase on Relovv is 82% more sustainable and saves 500 gallons of water.
That’s 4 months of drinking water! #ReduceReuseRelovv

Socialize with other members of the Relovv Community at our epic events.
From NYC Meet Ups to LA Pop Ups, network with our sustainable fashion community!

Support our female-owned and operated startup by joining Relovv.
Only 14% of CEOs in the USA are women.
Support Relovv and our 27 Year Old Girl-Boss CEO, Alex Shadrow.

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