What are Offers? How do they work?

OFFERS are great way for Buyers to Sellers to negotiate on price.

Both buyers and sellers can send Offers to each other.

Below, we outline how buyers Send Offers to sellers and Receive Offers from sellers.

To read this from the perspective of a seller, please click here.

Receive Offer from Seller

Any time you save an item, the seller can send you an Offer for a discounted price.

Offers from sellers will appear in Messages (bottom nav bar), under Alerts.

The seller’s Offer includes Shipping, Tracking, and Protection in the price – so you pay $0 extra.

When you receive an Offer, you have 48 hours to Accept or Decline.

  • Buyer Accepts: Order is final. We’ll follow up with an email.
  • Buyer Declines: Offer is cancelled.

Send Offer to Seller

See something you love, but don’t love the price? Offer Lower Price to Seller!

Just click the “Offer Lower Price” button on any item to send Offer.

You are not charged when you Offer Lower Price, but your Offer can not be cancelled.

Your Offer includes Shipping, Tracking, and Protection – so you pay $0 extra.

After you submit your offer, the seller can accept, decline, or make a counter-offer.

  • Seller Accepts: Order is final. We’ll follow up with an email.
  • Seller Declines: Offer is cancelled. You can always make another offer.
  • Seller Counter-Offers: You review their counter-offer and have 48 hours to accept, decline, or counter back.
  • Seller Does Nothing: Offer expires and is cancelled. Relovv customer service very seriously and will remove unresponsive sellers from the platform.
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