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We are here for you. 💜 Please see important information below, including answers to common questions.

Thank you for supporting our female owned, sustainability focused startup. We know our experience is not perfect, but we are 110% committed to perfecting it. 

Our Support Hours are Monday-Friday 10AM – 6PM Pacific Standard Time.  We typically respond quickly, but please allow 48 hours for us to reply. We thank you in advance for your patience. 

For a complete guide on how to use Relovv please click here. It includes Buyer and Seller protection policies.

Are you emailing about an order? Please make sure you include your @relovv username and order # so that we can help you.

Are you getting reminders but you already shipped? USPS may take additional time to scan and alert Relovv that your package was dropped off. In the mean time, ignore our shipping reminders. If you are concerned that USPS did not scan your order, please contact us.

You forgot an invite code when you were joining? Oh no! Unfortunately we are not able to apply it after your account was created. 

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