How do I get my current items sold?

Send Offers to Buyers ✅

When an interested buyer saves your item, we alert you to send them an offer.

Send Offer is your way of sending a discounted price to buyers that save.

Only members that saved your item will see the offer. Everyone else sees regular price.

More Information here.

Change the Pictures ✅

* if your item has been listed for a while without selling, new pix are usually the solution! 

  • Be Real: buyers want to see the actual item with natural lighting, not stock photos.
  • Show the Fit: ask a friend to model for you. If item is M, get a M “model.”
  • Give the Full Picture: show the item from top to bottom and get fun detail shots. 
  • Emojis: Believe it or not, emojis and fun titles get a lot more attention.

Drop the Price to Notify Buyers ✅

When you lower the price on your item, we feature it in the Daily Deals section of the Shop Page for a limited time.

We also alert everyone who has saved or viewed the item.

Share On Social Media ✅

Relovv is a female owned startup that launched less than one year ago.

We need YOUR HELP to spread the word!

Put your @relovv username and invite URL in your Instagram Bio.
Invite URL =

Post photos on Instagram and create stories that bring friends and followers to Relovv.

Here are some ideas of things to post about:

• Post about the “why:” People want to know why you’re compelled to sell things. The environment, a vacation, to make money for your education – all these are great reasons that drive people to go from your post to actually shopping.

• Show n’ tell: Some of the most successful sellers and relovvers make selfie-videos talking to the camera and about the the pieces on their profiles. Just like you did in kindergarten, hold up each item you’re selling one-by-one and tell people why they’re special.

• Style Slider: create several outfits around one item and post them all at the same time. This shows people the versatility of your item and proves its a great purchase! 

No matter how you post, use #relovv #ReduceReuseRelovv or tag @relovv to be reposted. We recommend including your @relovv store and URL in your bio! 

Relovv Other People’s Stuff #Karma ✅

Relovv Other People’s Stuff For Visibility #Karma 

Find items from other sellers and click the “relovv” button to add them to your profile.

When relovved item sell from your page, you get a commission.
*Paid for by Relovv. Sellers make the same amount of money. 

Any time you relovv someone’s items, they will be prompted to relovv yours back.
This puts your item in the “Relovved” section of buyer’s SHOP page.
The more relovvs you get, the higher you appear in this section.

Ask Yourself – Is it Sellable?

Quality > Quantity = Sell The Most Items

It can be tempting to sell everything and anything, but we do not recommend it.

The relovv community wants to shop trendy, current styles and brands.

Be picky about what you sell = good profile = more sales.

If items are outdated, too “worn,” or damaged they can deter interested buyers away.

Please note that if your items do not meet Relovv’s Sellable Standards then they may be removed or deleted from relovv. 

  • Photos are clear, well lit, and show the whole item from top to bottom.
  • Photos are compelling and make a buyer want to shop.
  • Photos are non-stock images and show the actual item from your closet.
  • Item itself is current, and not damaged.
  • “Original Price” of item is accurate.
  •  Description contains information about the fit and condition.

Relovv reserves the right to delete any items without warning that do not meet Relovv’s Sellable Standards. We will make every effort to contact you to make changes prior to removing it.

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