How do I ship my item once it is sold?

First of all, congrats on your order!

Shipping on relovv is easy and free for sellers (paid for by buyers).

After you accept your order, you have 72 hours to ship it from your local USPS. Check your email for step-by-step instructions. Attached to that email is a shipping label. Download the shipping label and print it out. You will TAPE this shipping label to the box or envelope you use.

This part is important. Make sure you’re using the correct box or envelope.

First Class (items under 1lb)

If you are sending an item that weighs less than 1lb, for example earrings or a t-shirt that weighs 0.5lb, you will be emailed a pre-paid First Class label.

You need to use your own box or envelope, as USPS does not have free First Class boxes or envelopes. The box can be a maximum of 22″ wide x 18″ tall.

Priority Mail (items 1lb or more).

If you are sending an item that weighs 1lb or more, you will be emailed a pre-paid Priority Mail shipping label. You can use any box or envelope you have at home (#reuse) or get a free Priority Mail box or envelope at USPS.

They must be Priority Mail (also includes Priority Mail Flat Rate or Priority Mail Regional Rate). Express Mail boxes and envelopes are not allowed. 

  • Remember, the postage has already been paid for by the buyer!

Shipping Your Item 

After your order is packaged and your shipping label is taped on, drop it off at your corner USPS mailbox (if it fits) or at a local USPS location. Remember, after you accept the order you have 72 hours to ship it. 

SAN FRANCISCO – AUGUST 06: Customers wait in line at the U.S. Post Office Bernal Heights Station August 6, 2009 in San Francisco, California. The U.S. Post Office Bernal Heights Station is one of over a thousand post offices being considered for closure as the Postal Service struggles with a debt that is projected to be over $7 billion by September. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
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  1. I shipped this morning, but I got an email telling me to ship the item. I always go inside & I always get a receipt. Is there a way to mark an item as having been shipped? This part is not readily apparent.

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