How do I take good photos? (Photo Guide)

Imagine when you shop online… 

The photos are almost always light and bright, and shot against a simple backdrop.

There are lots of photos to look at. You want to see the front, back, and details.

You want to know exactly what you will get in the box arrives in the mail! 

You can list 5 square photos per item on Relovv. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Cover Shot: Wear your item to show fit and styling. Item is fully shown and not cut off. 
  2. Front of item neatly on a hanger, with a simple backdrop and strong light.
  3. Back of item neatly on a hanger, with a simple backdrop and strong light.
  4. Detail shot with strong light. This can be a zoomed in shot. 
  5. Supplementary shot.

We assessed what’s most important to buyers based on data:

1. Show the full item from top to bottom.

Have 2 photos that show the entire item – usually these are pix of the front and back.

2. Real Photos First.

Add at least 3 real photos before any supplementary shots.

3. Wear your item in the cover shot. Show the fit and how to style it.

Include the model’s height and size in the details of the item. Buyers also love to see the item styled multiple ways.

4. How to Hanger Photos or Flat Lay.

Hanger Photo:

  • Place your item on a hanger so that it hangs neatly.
  • Find a simple backdrop.
  • Hang your item up against it.
  • Take a photo of the front, back, and a detail shot.

Flat Lay:

  • Find a clean, neutral surface. Try to avoid dark woods or surfaces.
  • Lay your item flat without any wrinkling. 
  • Show the full item from top to bottom.
  • Keep it simple with styling, props, and accessories so the focus can be on your item.

For shoes, shoot the front, sides, and bottoms.

5. Well lit, simple backdrops.

Find a plain wall and make sure to have plenty of natural lighting. Research shows that green, red, and dark backgrounds distract buyers from clicking on your photo.

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