How do I upgrade my shipping label if I go to USPS and they say it’s the wrong weight?

*Note: you will only be paid for items shipped with relovv’s shipping label. 

When you list items on relovv, we ask you for the weight. It is your responsibility to put in the correct weight for your items. Lighter items cost less to ship, and heavier items cost more. The buyer pays for shipping, which is included in the listing price. Should you enter the wrong weight, you will have to pay the additional postage for shipping. 

Here is the typical weight for items, although yours may be heavier or lighter.

  • Jewelry: 0.5lb
  • Shirts: 0.5lb
  • Dresses: 1lb
  • Jeans: 1lb
  • Shoes: 1-2lb
  • Heavy Jackets: 2lb
  • Sequined Items: 2lb
  • Rainboots: 3lb 

Should the weight be incorrect, when you take your package to USPS they will not ship it for you and you will need a new shipping label from relovv. Here’s what to do in these rare circumstances:

  • Contact Relovv Support:
  • Get a new shipping label from relovv (we will email it to you).
  • Note that the price of the additional postage will be taken from your earnings. 
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