How much do I earn when my item sells?

When you upload an item, you tell us how much you want to earn, and you always make that much.

Relovv is free for sellers. Buyers pay for our 10% ‘Relovv Makes” as well as for shipping.

We pride ourselves on transparent pricing.

Let’s say you want to earn $20, you always earn $20. 

Your buyer pays $26.76 (your list price), which includes shipping.

Shipping fees (usually between $3-$8) are added, which is paid to USPS.

*shipping costs may vary, but are always paid to USPS not to relovv.

“Relovv Makes” 10% fee and a 3% Card Processing which is paid to the credit card companies. 

Here is a breakdown of shipping costs by weight from USPS:

Almost all your items should be 1lb or less (for example 0.5lb) Items rarely go over 3lb. 

Here is the breakdown for First Class Shipping (when your item weighs less than 1lb).
Here is the breakdown for Priority Mail (when your item weighs 1lb or more).

Here is the typical weight for items, although yours may be heavier or lighter.

  • Jewelry: 0.5lb
  • Shirts: 0.5lb
  • Dresses: 1lb
  • Jeans: 1lb
  • Shoes: 1-2lb
  • Heavy Jackets: 2lb
  • Sequined Items: 2lb
  • Rainboots: 3lb 
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