What are Offers? How do they work?

OFFERS are great way for Buyers and Sellers to negotiate on price.
Both Buyers and Sellers can send offers to each other.

Shipping offers is the exact same process as shipping regular orders.
See “How do I ship my item once it sold?” for more details.

Below is from the perspective of a Seller. For Buyer perspective, please click here.

NEW FEATURE 🔥 Send Offer to Buyers

Sending an Offer to a Buyer is a great way to sell items fast!

After any Buyer saves your item, you have 5 days to Send Offer for a discounted price.

Buyers can quickly save your item by Swiping Right in Relovv Matches.

When you Send Offer, it is sent to everyone that saved your item.

Only members who saved your item will see this discounted price.

The option to Send Offer will be in Messages, under “Alerts” (screenshot below).

Your Offer includes shipping and tracking, which is paid for by the buyer.

After you Send Offer, buyers have 48 hours to Accept or Decline.

  • Buyer Accepts: Offer is final. We email you shipping instructions for your order.
  • Buyer Declines: Offer is cancelled. Item stays on Relovv at regular price.

Receive Offer from Buyer –

Buyers make Offers to sellers when they really want to buy, but need a discount.

Their Offers include shipping and tracking – both paid for by the buyer (not you).

Relovv limits how low buyers can Offer to ensure you are not “low-balled.”

Once a buyer sends you an Offer, they can not cancel it.

You have 48 hours to accept, decline, or counter their Offer.

The option to View Offer will be in Messages, under “Alerts” (see screenshot).

  • Seller Accepts: offer is final and we email you shipping instructions.
  • Seller Declines: offer is cancelled and item remains on Relovv at normal price.
  • Seller Counter-Offers: buyer has 48 hours to accept, decline, or counter back.

Doing nothing can impact visibility, so be sure to accept, decline, or counter.

If you do nothing, the buyer’s Offer will expire after 48 hours.

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