I got an offer on my item, what does that mean?

As a seller, OFFERS are your way of negotiating with buyers.

To help you, we limit the minimum amount of money a buyer can offer.

When a buyer makes an offer, you will be able to accept, decline, or make a counter-offer. Here’s what happens for each of those options:

  • Accept: order is final and we immediately email you a shipping label.
  • Decline: offer is cancelled and the item remains on relovv as it was.
  • Counter-Offer: buyers are asked to accept, decline, or counter-offer back.

But hurry, both offers and counter-offers expire after 24 hours so be sure to be responsive. We’ll notify you as soon as they happen!

Shipping offers is the exact same process as shipping regular orders. See “How do I ship my item once it sold?” for more details.

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