Tips to make your first sale.

Welcome to Relovv. Follow this checklist to get items sold!

You can sell items via our iPhone app (Android coming soon) or via the computer @

Pick The Right Items ✅

It can be tempting to sell everything and anything, but we do not recommend it.

The relovv community wants to shop trendy, current styles and brands.

Be picky about what you sell = good profile = more sales.

If items are outdated, too “worn,” or damaged they can deter interested buyers away.

Pictures Are The Most Important Part ✅

* if your item has been listed for a while without selling, new pix are usually the solution! 

Be Real: buyers like to see the actual item, not stock photos. Natural lighting is a must!

Show the Fit: ask a friend to model for you. If item is a size XL, get an XL “model.”

Give the Full Picture: show the item from top to bottom and get close-ups of fun details.

Give enough details to make someone buy! ✅

When it comes to the scoop, buyers want double. Make sure you include:

  • Condition 
  • Tag Size vs. Actual Fit
  • True Color 
  • Material
  • Measurements 
  • Damages or Flaws 

Send Offers to Buyers ✅

Interested buyers will save your item.

Usually they SWIPE right on Relovv Matches to save.

When a buyer saves your item, we send you an Alert (under Messages in bottom Nav Bar).

Click Send Offer to offer interested buyers that saved your item a discount.

Only savers will see the discount. Everyone else sees the regular price.

Relovv Other People’s Stuff For Visibility #Karma ✅

Find items from other sellers and click the “relovv” button to add them to your profile.

When relovved item sell from your page, you get a commission.
*Paid for by Relovv. Sellers make the same amount of money. 

Any time you relovv someone’s items, they will be prompted to relovv yours back.
This puts your item in the “Relovved” section of buyer’s SHOP page.
The more relovvs you get, the higher you appear in this section.

Post on Instagram ✅

As a female owned startup that launched less than 1 year ago, we need YOUR HELP to promote. Please consider sharing your items on Instagram!

Include your @relovv store and URL in your bio.
Also, post stories and photos showing off what you’re selling.
Tag @relovv and #Relovv for the opportunity to be featured.

Be Responsive ✅

When someone comments on your item or asks a question, respond promptly. If you wait to long your potential buyer will lose trust. Remember, notifications are your friend! 

When you get an order, ship it in a timely manner. Our data shows that buyers often shop the same profiles vs. venturing into new ones. So when someone buys one item, remember they are very likely to buy more in the future.

Please note that if your items do not meet Relovv’s Sellable Standards then they may be removed or deleted from relovv.  

  • Photos are clear, well lit, and show the whole item from top to bottom.
  • Photos are compelling and make a buyer want to shop.
  • Photos are non-stock images and show the actual item from your closet.
  • Item itself is current, and not damaged.
  • “Original Price” of item is accurate.
  •  Description contains information about the fit and condition.

Relovv reserves the right to delete any items without warning that do not meet Relovv’s Sellable Standards. We will make every effort to contact you to make changes prior to removing it.

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