What are Seller Standards? Why were my listings deleted?

All items on relovv are reviewed by our team to ensure buyers trust relovv sellers and have a great experience. Meeting relovv’s seller standards will not only help you be successful, but help the whole community as buyers continue to trust in and enjoy relovv. Should you need to make changes, we will contact you. Thank you in advance for being responsive. 

Relovv’s Sellers Standards. 

  • Photos
    • Photos are clear, well lit, and show the whole item from top to bottom.
    • Photos are compelling and make a buyer want to shop.
    • Photos are non-stock images and show the actual item from your closet.
    • You can see the entirety of the item – the product is not “cut off.”
  • The Item
    • Item itself is current, and not damaged.
    • Description contains information about the fit and condition.
  • Price:
    • “Original Price” of item is accurate or a reasonable estimate.
    • “You Want to Earn” (Your Price) is 50-75% off retail or under $30.
      • Your item should be competitively priced with similar items on relovv and on other e-commerce sites.
  • Orders:
    • Accept / Decline orders in a timely manner. Orders do not “time out” and therefore get automatically declined.
    • Failure to accept / decline may result in your items being removed.
    • More than one declined orders may result in your account being removed. 
  • Shipping:
    • Failing to ship may result in your items being removed.
    • Failing to ship more than one order may result in your account being removed.

Relovv reserves the right to delete any items or accounts that do not meet Relovv’s Seller Standards. We will make every effort to contact you to make changes prior to removing it, but if you do not reply we reserve the right to simply remove it.

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